Nice n Clean Lens Wipes 100ct



Have dirty, smudged glasses or a dirty computer screen? With our Nice ‘n Clean Lens Wipes, you can quickly and easily wipe away dust and smudges in an instant. These individually wrapped, 100-count lens wipes and screen cleaners are a super-easy way to conveniently wipe away these dust particles and smudges, exposing a crystal clear, streak-free shine.

Nice ‘n Clean Lens Wipes are non-scratching and non-streaking, so going over again with another paper towel or wipe is not necessary. Use on your glasses, on protective eyewear, on tablets, phone screens and camera lenses to ensure that your gadgets are working at optimal performance. Because these lens wipes are individually wrapped, you can throw a lens wipe in your bag, keep one in your car's glove compartment or put them in your travel bag. Forget rubbing your lenses on your scratchy T-shirt, these specially formulated lens wipes will get your surfaces clean and clear gently in no time at all without hassle and fuss.

At Walter Drake, we aim to provide real-world solutions for real-world problems. Our lens wipes are a must-have essential for anyone who wears glasses, who uses a tablet or who needs to clean an item fast.

  • 100-count box
  • Individually wrapped
  • Disposable
  • Light citrus fragrance
  • Safe for anti-reflective and anti-fog coatings
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