Non Slip Insulated Counter Mat


Fire up the oven or stovetop and set out this non-slip insulated kitchen counter protector mat from Walter Drake to enjoy convenient, hassle-free cooking. This unique non-slip mat for kitchens acts as a perfect spot to place any hot pots, pans or other dishes you're working with. In addition, our countertop heat protective mat can be used as a heat-resistant liner underneath your toaster oven, griddle or deep fryer to prevent damage to your countertops. The steel, silvery patterned top is made with thin-gauge metal which can withstand high heats, but the non-slip backing is designed to protect surfaces and keep the countertop protective pad securely in place.
Four size options are available: 17" x 14", 20" x 17", 20" x 8 1/2" and 7" square (set of 2).
  • Choose from four sizes
  • Protect countertops and tables from hot dishes
  • Non-slip backing keeps it in place
  • Insulated material is covered with a thin-gauge metal top
  • Clean with damp cloth
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