Over The Door Storage Rack



Need to add storage space to your home? Do you struggle with your pantry organization? Fear not! Use this Over-the-Door Metal Storage Rack Pantry Organizer from Walter Drake and you’ll be set up for pantry organization success! With this over-the-door rack, you’ll add a total of six shelves to any room. The durable, vinyl-coated steel racks are great for keeping all kinds of odds and ends neatly organized so you can identify and have your often-used items on hand and able to see at a glance. Its unique design allows you to either stack items on the shelves and or hang things from the racks.

Use it as an over-the-door wire rack for spices and canned goods in your pantry. Add it to a bedroom closet to add over-door storage for accessories like belts and purses. You can also use these over-door racks for bathrooms, home offices, playrooms and more. You’ll love the versatility that our overdoor storage rack brings to your home!

Note: No rush delivery available for this product.

  • Six shelves
  • Measures 18 3/4" W x 4 1/2" D x 5' H
  • Shelves hold up to 4.5 lbs. each (Do not exceed 22 lbs.)
  • Attaches to any door
  • Easy to assemble
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