Padded Toilet Seat Cushion



Find even more relief when you're on the commode by placing a vinyl toilet seat cushion beneath your behind. This padded toilet seat cushion distributes weight evenly so you can sit comfortably. Our cushioned toilet seat is made of vinyl over foam that wipes clean. Use the attached straps to secure this seat to standard-size 16" L toilet seats.

Adding some cushion to the toilet is ideal for people with mobility limitations, bad hips, sore backs and other issues that make it hard to sit. You can also use it as a lawnmower seat cushion or to combat the effects of conditions such as hemorrhoids or bruised tailbones. This padded toilet cushion is available in a 2" or 4" thickness depending on how much support you need. Walter Drake has all the necessities for taking a comfortable seat in the bathroom at great prices.

  • Padded toilet seat cushion helps you sit comfortably
  • Secures with straps to standard size 16" seats
  • Vinyl over foam toilet seat wipes clean
  • Available in 2" or 4" thickness
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