Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Chef's Pride



Bake all your favorite goodies without residues, sticky messes or long clean-up by getting Chef's Pride™ Parchment Paper Baking Sheets. This pack includes 100 pre-cut 12" long x 16" wide sheets, a universal size that fits most standard baking sheets. Both sides of their parchment baking sheets have a non-stick silicone coating that easy releases food when it comes out of the oven. Even delicate or sticky rolls slide right off the pan without need for messy sprays or grease. Clean-up is effortless — just toss your parchment paper kitchen sheet into the trash can or compost pile and slide the pan back into the cupboard.

Parchment baking pan sheets have a variety of uses around the kitchen. They're great for baking cookies, roasting vegetables and lining cake pans to prevent sticking. Silicone-coated parchment sheets are also microwave-safe for warming up leftovers without leaving gunk on the plate. You can use them in the fridge or freezer as well to store leftovers — wrapping items in a parchment sheet or placing them between layers prevents food from becoming a sloppy blob. Chef's Pride™ parchment paper is oven-safe at temperatures up to 450º and can also withstand extreme cold.

Spending more time cooking and less time cleaning by switching to silicone-coated parchment baker's paper. Since these convenient baking sheets are pre-cut and come in a bag, you won't have to fuss with tearing paper off a bulky, curly roll or risk cutting yourself on a sharp box edge. With 100 sheets per bag, you'll have plenty for the entire family to explore their culinary passions. Walter Drake is where to shop for affordable problem-solvers that meet all your food preparation and storage needs.

  • Pack includes 100 pre-cut 12" long x 16" wide sheets
  • Pre-cut to fit standard baking sheets
  • Non-stick silicone coating for easy food release
  • Great for baking cookies, roasting vegetables, lining cake pans and other uses to prevent sticking
  • Eliminates the need for messy sprays or grease
  • Can also be used in the microwave or to store leftovers in the fridge and freezer
  • Oven safe up to 450°
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