Personalized Baby Bootie



Mark the date a baby boy or girl came into the world by letting Walter Drake create a Personalized Porcelain New Baby Bootie for him or her! This treasured heirloom white bootie ornament has the baby's birth record in golden letters across the bottom. We can print up to two lines — one for the name and one for the birthdate — with up to 18 characters each. You may also opt to add a special message or choose to leave it blank.

Our small porcelain baby bootie ornament figurine is a unique keepsake to celebrate your child or to congratulate someone special who has a new member of the family. We offer porcelain new baby booties with a pink ribbon for girls and a blue ribbon for boys. Many customers buy them as a family tradition that's passed on through the generations. Carry on that tradition or start your own at an affordable price with the help of Walter Drake. We’ve been inspiring families since 1947 and can't wait to delight your growing brood!

  • Porcelain
  • 4" L x 2" W x 2 1/2" H
  • Pink ribbon for girl
  • Blue ribbon for boy
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