Personalized Baby's First Christmas Footprint Wood Slice Ornament


Celebrate Baby's first Christmas with his or her birth details personalized on this wood slice ornament. Like a treasure from a woodland forest, this 100% resin first Christmas ornament has the look of textured "tree trunk" edges and circular "growth rings" on the back. Printed with "Baby's First Christmas." We'll personalize with Baby's first name, birth weight and birth date, creating an adorable keepsake. A personalized baby's first Christmas ornament like this makes a sweet shower or new baby gift, and will be right at home on your own Christmas tree—in honor of your most precious gift! Specify name: limit 18 characters/spaces. Specify birth weight; Lbs. limit 2 characters; Oz. limit 2 characters. Specify birth measurement in inches: limit 5 characters. Specify birth date; Date limit 8 characters; Time limit 4 characters. Specify: AM or PM. Resin; includes string for hanging. 3 1/4" dia.
  • Celebrate Baby's first Christmas
  • 100% resin first Christmas ornament has the look of textured "tree trunk"
  • Printed "Baby's First Christmas"
  • Includes string for hanging
  • 3 1/4" dia.
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