Personalized It Takes Just One Address Labels & Seals 20


A single red Christmas candle burns in a window; a warm, welcoming church stands in the distance of this snowy Christmas scene. Christmas carols are being sung, family members are gathering and fires are burning on this snowy winter's evening. Dusk is falling and the warm sunset lighting contrasts against the coldly barren snow-filled landscape. Grab a warm blanket, a hot chocolate drink with extra marshmallows and put on your favorite holiday-themed movie: this winter scene is filled with possibilities.
Our "It Takes Just One" personalized address labels and letter seals correspond beautifully with their personalized Christmas greeting card religious-themed greeting card counterparts. Check out our "It Takes Just One" holiday cards for a complementary touch. Add these delightful custom address labels and letter seals to your holiday greetings and packages — even bills — for a little out-of-the-ordinary touch that will show your Christmas spirit and spread Christmas cheer.
  • Set of 20 personalized address labels
  • 20 round seals
  • "It Takes Just One" theme corresponds with Walter Drake "It Takes Just One" personalized Christmas card set
  • Vibrant colors, self-stick for easy and beautiful use
  • Labels: 2 1/2" long
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