Personalized Large Print Address Labels - Set of 200



Ensure your mailings are prepped and primed for dispatch with our exclusive collection of 200 Personalized Large Print Address Labels from Walter Drake. Effortlessly affix these large address labels to any envelope or package with a simple peel-and-stick application, streamlining your shipping process like never before. The standout feature? An extra-large font size on each label guarantees easy legibility, making sure your items reach their destination without a hitch.

As an added bonus, enjoy the convenience of a complimentary label-dispensing box—designed to keep your personalized labels organized and accessible at no additional cost. Tailor your mailing experience by selecting from an array of styles including clear, gold, rainbow, or classic white labels; each choice crafted to perfectly align with personal or professional aesthetics.

Ideal for both individual use and business purposes, these customized return address labels elevate the efficiency of distributing holiday cards, party invites, promotional materials, and much more. With this essential toolkit in hand—including keywords such as "return address labels" for heightened searchability—you're set to enhance communication efforts while adding a touch of personal flair to every piece of outgoing mail.

  • Personalized Large Print Address Labels - Set of 200 - Rainbow
  • Design – Labels come in 4 different colors: Blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow
  • Self-Stick – Labels require no effort in peeling and placing on any desired package
  • Font – Lettering on labels feature extra-large font that is easily readable
  • Set – Each set comes with 200 custom labels that can be personalized, 3 lines/25 characters each
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