Personalized Luggage Strap, Yellow



You usually love that set of black luggage that your mom got you for Christmas. Except for the times when you realize that about 75% of other travelers have the same black luggage as you do. Because of this, it's a hassle to identify which bag is yours at airports, bus stations and train stations. Because of its high cost, personalized luggage isn't always an option, which is why these luggage straps in personalized styles are so great.

These bright yellow personalized luggage straps will allow you to quickly and easily identify your luggage in a crowd so you can grab your suitcase and go without stopping to read luggage tags. These personalized luggage straps also prevent mix-ups, misidentified bags and embarrassing encounters with fellow travelers. At Walter Drake, personalization is easy! This item is customizable up to 30 letters and spaces. These yellow nylon custom luggage straps adjust 35"-64" L, so they wrap around your suitcase and keep it extra secure during transport, storage and in flights. Our luggage straps in personalized styles make great gifts for friends or family members who travel frequently within the United States as well as abroad.

  • Personalized Luggage Strap, Yellow
  • Durable nylon webbing in an easy-to-see, vibrant color
  • Black lettering
  • Plastic clasp
  • Adjusts 35" wide x 64" long
  • 2" wide overall
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