This set of My Christmas List Religious Christmas Cards from Walter Drake offers an easy and meaningful way to send holiday greetings to your loved ones. Bless each of your friends and family with this beautiful card that details the true meaning of Christmas. For a personalized touch, add your name to the inside.
Inside: "My Christmas list is more than just a way to keep track of the special people God has brought into my life to love. It's like a treasured scrapbook filled with pleasant memories of all the times God's answered prayer through friends and family. Every name's a touchstone that leads to a place and time, where God has used another's heart to reach out and touch mine. It may have happened years ago or even yesterday, but every person on my list has changed my life some way. Through simple conversation, a warm hug or a shared meal, every person on my list has helped me grow or heal, or laugh or love or learn or smile...the blessings never end as God allowed our paths to cross as family and friends. So please know this greeting is more than a Christmas wish. It's a "thank you" card to God for putting on my list each and every one whose name I've come to hold so dear... Those who've shown me Christmas Joy each day of the year."

Personalize the back of the envelope for an additional $.99, or personalize the front of the envelope with design for an additional $1.99.

  • Set of 20 personalized Christmas cards
  • Comes complete with white envelopes
  • Can be ordered with or without personalization
  • Specify the names as you'd like them printed on your cards
  • To order without personalization, choose from the two options below and leave the personalization space blank
  • Made from sturdy glossy cardstock
  • Each card single folds to 4 1/2" x 6 1/4"
  • Portrait orientation
  • Enjoy discounts on additional sets.
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