Personalized Natural Wooden 2-in-1 Chair and Stepstool


Two of the things that young kids need most are a comfy place to sit and a way to reach adult-size sinks and shelves. Our Personalized Kids’ Chair and Step Stool is a 2-in-1 solution at a great price. It’s made of 0.75” thick hardwood that has a “knotty pine” grain and natural finish. Each piece of wood is smoothly sanded and assembled with rounded screws so there are no dangerous sharp edges. This personalized chair for kids has a 6” high seat and single plank back. Fold the back down to create a convenient two-step stool.Walter Drake can hand paint a child’s name (up to 12 characters) across the back of the kids’ chair. Choose from four colors for a customized baby chair with name that’s a great gift to your own child or for new or expecting parents. Chairs without personalization are also available. A personalized step stool and chair is one of many great home items for kids available only from the Walter Drake family.
  • Seat measures 6" from the floor
  • 12” high with the back up
  • Easily transforms from a seat into a child-size stepstool
  • Natural wood finish
  • Base of stool is 9.75" deep x 10.75" wide
  • Personalize with child’s name in black, blue, pink or red
  • Limit one line, 20 letters or spaces
  • Non-personalized child wooden chair is also available
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