Personalized School Days Book



Remember everything worthwhile about time spent in school by recording these things in a Walter Drake Memories of School Days book. Documenting preschool through 12th grade, this school day's memory book features 14 pocket pages for report cards and mementos. There are also pre-printed pages for each grade that note a student's school, teachers, favorite subjects, friends and more. Add a school portrait and your records are complete.

A school memories scrapbook is a fun reminder of growing up that your kids can one day share with their own offspring. The 8" L x 10" W book is spiral-bound and fits in most file drawers. We'll add the student's name to the front cover so they can quickly find it later on. Order School Days books for all your children and document the way their education blossoms! Walter Drake has unique values for the entire family to celebrate growing up now and forever.

  • Spiral-bound
  • Preprinted pages
  • Preschool through 12th grade
  • Fourteen pocket pages
  • Personalization: one line, up to 20 letters/spaces
  • 8" L x 10" W
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