Petunia Bush by OakRidge™



These lovely artificial petunias from OakRidge™ Outdoor are so vibrant and realistic, they will keep the neighbors guessing! Plant these richly-colored petunias in a pot or right in the ground for lifelike appeal. Our brilliant petunias are artfully constructed with polyester silk flowers and plastic/wire stems. The lush green leaves offer instant beauty and a natural texture while the flower heads are available in gorgeous colors such as white, indigo and yellow.

A lifelike faux petunia bush is a versatile option for indoor and outdoor décor. They'll add charm to front porches, walkways, living rooms, patios, home offices and many other places for everyday use or special occasions. And you won't need to worry about maintenance such as watering, sunlight or trimming. Group several 15" artificial petunia bushes for an even fuller appearance. Order artificial flowers from Walter Drake and start your petunia potting early with big, instant blooms that are brimming with realistic detail!

Note: We've shown three bushes per pot; pots are not included.

  • Artificial petunias in full bloom
  • Brimming with realistic detail
  • Polyester flowers with plastic/wire stems
  • Three bushes shown per pot
  • Pots not included
  • 15" high
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