Petunia Hanging Stem by OakRidge™



Hang realistic beauty from your awning, rail or ceiling with this faux floral display that will keep your neighbors in awe of its lush and lifelike design. The OakRidge™ Outdoor Petunia Hanging Stem adds lifelike color with bright, lively blooms that never need watering — or sunlight and pruning, for that matter! The silk petunia flowers are 25" long with a thoughtful design for indoor and protected outdoor use. Plastic and wire stems are flexible but strong for your hanging basket (not included). These floral artificial petunias are forever-blooming for every display.

Add brilliant white petunias with lush green leaves to any everyday décor or use them for seasonal and holiday displays. They're also available in blue, pink, yellow and other vibrant colors, specify your color choice above before checking out. Enliven your home with artfully constructed hanging faux petunia stems from Walter Drake that are always affordably-priced.

  • Realistic color and detail
  • Polyester/plastic/wire construction
  • 25" long
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Basket not included
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