Pitcher of Blessings 2 Year Personalized Planner



Show your appreciation for life no matter how busy it gets with a Pitcher of Blessings 2-year calendar book. The plastic cover of this personalized planner portrays a pitcher full of roses, dancing butterflies and spirals. Amidst the artwork is the phrase "Life is Full of Blessings" in script with your name below in block letters. Indeed, the flood of meetings, parties, sports practices, conferences and appointments you write inside are a blessing, as it's truly a privilege to have so much going on you need to plan for it.

Walter Drake pocket planners are an affordable way to organize your life and also make a great custom gift for family and friends. Our Life is Blessed 2-year planners have writing space for each day plus a separate notepad and monthly note sections. Both 2-year calendar and notepad refills are available along with pens, pencils and other supplies to keep using this planner long after 24 months have passed. We keep people on top of their daily, monthly and yearly schedules with personalized planners at value pricing.

  • Plastic cover
  • 6 3/4" long x 3-5/8" wide
  • Features two full years
  • Room for daily notes
  • Notepad included
  • Cover text: "Life is Full of Blessings"
  • Specify name — up to 25 letters/spaces
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