Plastic Gloves 100 Pack



There are a lot of tasks that can get your hands messy. All-purpose disposable gloves from Walter Drake protect your mitts from germs, stains, gunk and scratches. Simply slide on a set of waterproof plastic gloves and you'll be ready to wash the dishes, paint the walls, clean the oven, treat cuts, plant flowers, handle raw meat and much more. The thin plastic fully shields your hands while giving you complete freedom of movement for difficult tasks.

One-size-fits-all disposable work gloves provide the sanitary safeguard you need in the kitchen, garden, bathroom or garage. A box of 100 plastic cleaning gloves gives you plenty for general household tasks or a big projects. You can change them quickly when moving from task to task to further prevent cross-contamination. When you're done with a pair, simply toss them in the recycling bin for easy disposal. Our low prices work out to just a few cents per glove. You literally can't afford not to protect your hands with our essential household gloves.

  • Disposables plastic gloves offer easy on/off
  • Great for cooking, housework and cleaning
  • Perfect for stocking your caregiver supplies
  • One size polypropylene gloves fits most
  • Pack of 100
  • Imported
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