Portable Help Step



You never know where you may need a few extra inches to help you reach that top-shelf item or when you need that simple, one-step boost that a handy portable step may provide. Whether you're getting out of a vehicle, stepping through a raised doorway or reaching for that glass that's just out of reach, our portable step will help in no time flat. With our handy portable step, you'll never need to ask for help. Walter Drake has you covered with our durable, heavy-duty portable step that allows you to gain confidence with its stability, comfort and its non-slip rubber grip.

Our portable step securely supports up to 300 pounds and provides 4" of height for a super-simple solution to your everyday portable step needs. This fold-and-go plastic portable step is great to take along in cars and to keep in various rooms of your home. It easily stores when it is not in use. Whether these portable steps are intended for you, a parent, a child or a grandchild, you can't go wrong with the non-slip rubber grip, durable support and handy grab-and-go portability that this portable step provides.

  • Portable help step
  • Non-slip rubber grip on the surface and feet to prevent sliding
  • Ideal for car travel, getting in and out of trucks and reaching dishes
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Measures 15 3/4" long x 11" wide x 4" high
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