Portable Hose Caddy



The Walter Drake Garden Hose Caddy is an affordable way to prevent your hoses from sprawling all over the grass. Its two-pronged design puts an end to kinked-up hoses, tangles and yard tripping hazards. By wrapping or rolling the hose around the prongs, it will stay neatly coiled for when you need it. The hose also will take up less space when not in use. Our portable hose caddy holds up to 200 feet long or 25 pounds, which means it's more than adequate for most homeowners.

This 38" garden hose holder is made of durable tubular steel with a green enamel color. The stake can be pushed right into the ground next the garden, house, garage or anywhere else you want. It's also a great holder for air hoses, pressure washer hoses and more. When you need to move your hose, all you have to do is coil it around the hose caddy and then carry the entire unit to a new location. As a home gardening and maintenance leader since 1947, Walter Drake will help you get the most from your hose so you can keep your garden and landscaping looking its best.

  • Keep Your Garden Organized: Keeps a hose neatly coiled and ready to use
  • Lightweight hose caddy. It will solve your kinks and tangles hose mess in easy way, the water hose holder will keep the water hose off the ground, to help you keep the water hose safe and organized
  • Holds up to 200 feet of hose. This item hold hose firmly in place, no messy, no dirty, saves space, makes hose organize. This hose organizer holds very well and looks great.
  • Supports hoses up to 25 lbs.
  • Easy assembly
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