Portland Energy Saving Grommet Panel



Beautifully boost any room’s energy efficiency with our money-saving Portland Energy Saving Curtain Panel with Grommets. This insulating panel features a substantial cotton/poly blend fabric with a subtle, traditional pattern on one side to complement any décor, from classic to contemporary. The other side is lined with a foam layer that blocks light and noise and helps keep your room warm or cool. Keep those cold drafts at bay and block the sun’s heat — this grommeted energy saving curtain panel is ideal during summer and winter months.

Each panel features eight 1 1/2”-diameter stainless-steel grommets for easy hanging — hang them directly from your curtain rod or add decorative hooks for additional flair. Specify size: 63” long x 55” wide or 84” long x 55” wide. These energy efficient curtains are available in several classic colors: Navy Blue, Gray, Tan or Wine. Each curtain panel is sold individually.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Energy-saving grommet curtain panel
  • Features a textured cotton and polyester blend on one side
  • The panel features a foam-insulated back lining for hot or cold insulating protection
  • Each panel is sold individually
  • Available in either a 63" long panel or an 84" long panel
  • 1 1/2" dia. stainless-steel grommets
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