Pressure Reducing Chair Cushion


If your work or hobbies involve sitting for long periods of time, be sure to get this Pressure Reducing Chair Cushion from Walter Drake. The polyester fiberfill provides soft, supportive padding to keep you comfortable. The soft polyester/cotton surface also reduces friction on sensitive areas.
The size of this pad is ideal for use as a wheelchair cushion or computer chair cushion. You can also use this soft chair pad for outdoor patio chairs, recliners and other types of arm chairs. Choose from five colors and patterns to get a stylish look that coordinates with your home décor. 42"W x 38"H x 2"D overall. Seat portion is 16"L x 15"W.
  • Sit comfortably for long periods of time with this cushion! Individuals who sit a lot can get bed sores. This cushion may help stop bed sores from forming! The pressure reducing chair cushion will also help reduce numbness, soreness and discomfort caused from long periods of sitting.
  • This generous sized cushion reduces friction on sensitive areas by surrounding your body, including your arms and legs!
  • The pressure reducing chair cushion measures: back length, 21.5 inches, seat cushion, 15 inches deep by 16 inches wide, arm length, 12 inches
  • The pressure reducing chair cushion is ideal for a variety of chairs and uses! This cushion works great as a wheelchair cushion, armchair cushion or even a patio chair cushion! Take it with you where you go – movies, ball games, church, restaurants and more!
  • Machine wash cushion – With a polyester fiberfill, and polyester/cotton surface, don’t worry about keeping your cushion clean. Just throw the cushion in the cold wash and line dry.
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