Pressure Reducing Chair Cushion



Maximize your comfort with the Pressure Reducing Chair Cushion from Walter Drake, expertly designed to transform any seating experience. Whether you're clocking in hours at your desk or indulging in hobbies that keep you seated for extended periods, this cushion is a must-have.

Packed with plush polyester fiberfill, it offers just the right amount of soft yet supportive padding needed to help alleviate discomfort and distribute weight evenly. The smooth polyester/cotton surface minimizes friction against sensitive skin areas—ideal for those who require gentle care during prolonged sitting.

Not only functional as a pressure cushion for chair but also versatile—it’s perfectly sized to serve as an extra layer of comfort on wheelchairs or computer chairs. But why stop there? Take this soft pad outside and give patio furniture a cozy upgrade; its adaptability extends through various settings including recliners and armchairs where additional relief is desired.

Available in five chic colors and patterns, our pressure reducing chair cushion doesn't sacrifice style for support—you can select one that seamlessly matches your interior design aesthetic while still enjoying all the ergonomic benefits it brings into your space!

Measuring 42"W x 38"H x 2"D overall—with a seat portion measuring 16"L x 15"W—it's substantial enough to cover ample seating area without being cumbersome. Choose superior sitting satisfaction today: bring home this pressure reducing cushion designed by Walter Drake—a simple solution delivering everyday ease wherever life has you perched!

  • Sit comfortably for long periods of time with this cushion! Individuals who sit a lot can get bed sores. This cushion may help stop bed sores from forming! The pressure reducing chair cushion will also help reduce numbness, soreness and discomfort caused from long periods of sitting.
  • This generous sized cushion reduces friction on sensitive areas by surrounding your body, including your arms and legs!
  • The pressure reducing chair cushion measures: back length, 21.5 inches, seat cushion, 15 inches deep by 16 inches wide, arm length, 12 inches
  • The pressure reducing chair cushion is ideal for a variety of chairs and uses! This cushion works great as a wheelchair cushion, armchair cushion or even a patio chair cushion! Take it with you where you go – movies, ball games, church, restaurants and more!
  • Machine wash cushion – With a polyester fiberfill, and polyester/cotton surface, don’t worry about keeping your cushion clean. Just throw the cushion in the cold wash and line dry.
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