Pumpkin Plaid Elasticized Vinyl Table Cover by Chef's Pride™


Cheerful orange and gold pumpkins dance like storybook illustrations on black-and-white buffalo plaid, making this easy-care table cover a bright autumn classic. Featuring elasticized edges for a secure fit, the premium table cover is designed in a sturdy, heavy-gauge vinyl, and that substantial weight provides a smooth, flawless look. Great for everyday dining, casual entertaining, and fall suppers on the patio or at the campsite, the vinyl table cloth by Chef's Pride™ resists spills and stains, while soft, flocked 100% polyester backing protects table surfaces from scratches. No washing, drying or ironing required to keep this fall table cloth looking great; simply wipe clean with a damp cloth, and enjoy all season. Imported.
  • Features elasticized edges for a snug, secure fit
  • Premium table cover by Chef's Pride™
  • Sturdy, heavy-gauge vinyl
  • Soft, flocked 100% polyester backing
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Imported
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