Quilted Pillow Covers Set/2



The perfect pillow: we know it probably took you quite a while to find it. It feels like home, is cozy and just makes you feel good. In addition, it lends to your relaxation each and every night. Because your pillow is special, you want to protect it from dirt, oils, odors, sweat and other organic elements that may affect the integrity of your pillow's performance and the longevity of its usefulness. Our quilted pillow covers offer a super-easy, soft and cushiony way for you to extend the life of your pillow. Quilted pillow covers are an effective means of protecting your pillow's contents — whether it is memory foam, down feathers or poly fill.

These easy-to-put on and easy-to-remove quilted pillow covers have a super-soft poly cotton blend that feels good against your skin and quickly zips open and shut for secure use. Our quilted pillow covers are available in standard, queen and king sizes, so there is a pillow cover for every size of pillow.

Walter Drake offers the best in products that help with the cleanliness of your home and your bed linens. Check out our collection of home items, including blankets, pillow covers, mattress covers and more.

  • Protect your pillow with a quilted cover
  • Soft cotton/poly with zippered closures
  • Keeps out dust and guards against odors
  • Padded design adds extra cushioning
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
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