Red Solar Lighthouse by Fox River Creations™


Our Red Solar Lighthouse by Fox River™ Creations will add a charming coastal accent to your garden décor. Its automatic LED lights automatically turn on at dusk and will stay lit for eight hours when it is fully charged. This solar lighthouse is made from a durable 100% resin, stands 15” high and will quickly become one of your favorite lawn and garden décor pieces!
  • Enhance your garden or landscape day and night, this solar lighthouse by Maple Lane Creations™’ has a solar-powered lamp that shines in a rotating motion
  • Decorative solar lighthouse features an intricately detailed design - 100% resin
  • Direct sunlight charges the batteries and LED light automatically activates at dusk - glows for 8 hours when fully charged
  • Includes solar battery and on/off switch. Solar powered lighthouse measures 15" high
  • Made exclusively by Maple Lane Creations™
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