Red Truck Shimmer Light



Let Freedom glitter and shine from our Red Truck Shimmer Lighting Wall Art. We’ve taken the classic red pickup truck symbolizing American pride—complete with a blue “FREEDOM” flag and door star—and added 10 LED shimmer lights. The truck is made of durable plastic and arrives fully assembled. A 30” long power cord can be plugged into any standard U.S. electrical outlet or extension cord.

A patriotic red truck with shimmer LED lights will immediately add joy to a holiday celebration—and it looks fantastic year-round, too. The long-lasting mini white light bulbs, which are rated for indoor and protected outdoor use, flicker and sparkle through the translucent truck to create a memorable display. All you have to do is plug it in to begin shining! Suction cups are included to attach your Fourth of July light shimmer decoration to any flat wall or window with no adhesive, hooks or nails needed. Many other affordable USA-themed decorations are available today only from Walter Drake.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Weather-resistant plastic for indoor/outdoor use
  • Measures 14 1/2" wide with a 30" long cord
  • Features 10 mini white light bulbs that shine though a prismatic surface
  • Includes suction cups for easy mounting to windows and smooth surfaces
  • Arrives fully assembled
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