Resin Lamb Statue



Even if you live hours away from the nearest farm, you can still experience some barnyard charm with a waterproof resin lamb statue. This delightful garden sculpture will be appreciated and loved by all ages. Our white lamb figurines are crafted by skilled artisans from a strong but lightweight resin that resists fading, scratching and chipping. At 12" long x 8" high, it's large enough to make a statement but light enough to move around the yard easily. The wool, hooves, ears and facial features are all fabulously detailed and then hand-painted. At first glance, the neighbors might think a real lamb is lounging in the backyard.

A little lamb outdoor statue is something that every Mary and Joe will love. When you smile in delight at this figurine, it will always be smiling right back. Set the statue on guard by the flower garden, make it your patio buddy or lay it by the driveway to greet people as they arrive. The material is so durable that our resin lamb figurine can even sit pretty by ponds and outdoor pools. The easy style and affordable price of garden décor from Walter Drake has been delighting customers since 1947.

  • Weatherproof resin
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 12" L x 8" H
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