Reusable Incontinence Underpad


Protect your bed, chairs and other furniture with a Reusable Incontinence Underpad from Walter Drake. Available in three different sizes, our washable incontinence bed pads feature three layers absorbent fabric that help prevent damage from leaks and accidents. The top layer is made from soft polyester; the middle layer is an absorbent core that traps moisture and prevents leakage; the bottom is covered with a waterproof moisture barrier for additional protection. Wash and reuse this bed pad for incontinence over and over to prevent waste. Easy-care material — simply machine wash in hot water and tumble dry low.
  • 81% polyester/11% rayon/8% polyurethane
  • Available in three sizes
  • Provides discreet protection that stays in one place
  • Machine wash and dry
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