Rolling 4 Tier Kitchen Organizer by Chef's Pride™



Customizable Rolling 4-Tier Kitchen Organizer rises to any storage challenge. This versatile design allows you to add or detach sections to create a rolling organizer with 1 to 4 tiers, then adds 3 hooks on the top to keep bags and other hanging items handy without fumbling through drawers.

This rolling cart organizer is perfect for keeping produce and snacks tidy and accessible in the kitchen or pantry, putting cleaning supplies within reach in the laundry room, clearing kids' toys out of the way and much more.

Easy assembly lets you create your own custom organizer with no tools required. The kitchen rolling organizer measures 31" tall with a 12" diameter when fully assembled. Durable plastic rolling shelf organizer is built to last and wipes clean with water and mild soap. Made by Chef's Pride™ for reliable organization solutions.

  • Versatile rolling organizer design allows you to add or detach sections to create 1 to 4 tiers that meet your needs
  • 3 hooks on top let you hang bags and other items for easy access
  • Customizable rolling cart assembles easily with no tools required
  • The kitchen organizer measures 31" high x 12" dia. when fully assembled
  • This durable plastic rolling shelf organizer wipes clean with water and mild soap
  • Find reliable quality in this organizer made by Chef's Pride™
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