Script Personalized Roll Address Labels, Set of 200



Use these return address labels in script print to make large mailings and cataloging projects easier. Personalized address labels are an ideal way to address envelopes or fill out applications and rebates. You can also use them to label CDs, books and travel guides. Our 2" long x 3/4" tall self-stick labels are packaged in set of 200, giving you plenty for households or business. Walter Drake will add up to four lines of text with a maximum of 30 characters (letters/numbers/spaces) per line.

Our script roll address labels in clear, white or gold backgrounds add a touch of class while being easy to read. If you want some pizzazz, order a set of multi-color rainbow script address labels. Watch for opportunities to buy two or more rolls and save even more money. Shop at Walter Drake for classic self-stick return labels that look professional on every envelope.

  • Set of 200 address labels
  • 2" long x 3/4" tall each
  • Self-stick design
  • Script print
  • Specify up to 4 lines, 30 letters/numbers/spaces each
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