Silicone Microwave Omelet Egg Maker by Chef's Pride


You're just 3 steps from a quick, healthy omelet — cooked "egg-actly" how you like it in this silicone microwave omelet maker. Simply beat eggs and add meat, veggies, cheese, herbs or spices right in the omelet maker — then fold it closed and pop in the microwave for a fast, gourmet breakfast without unhealthy oil, butter or grease. The heat-resistant microwave egg maker is flexible and bendable for easy release of your hot, wholesome omelet, and it opens flat to prepare food, remove food and clean. Withstanding temperatures up to 425°F, the silicone microwave egg cooker by Chef's Pride is also odor- and bacteria-resistant, and cleans easily in the dishwasher. No need to fuss at the stovetop with a big, heavy pan or waste money at a restaurant when you can enjoy a protein-rich omelet in minutes, made in this smart, easy microwave egg cooker. Measures 9" L x 5" W when folded closed.
  • Just 3 steps for a fast breakfast without oil, butter or grease
  • Flexible and bendable for easy release
  • Withstanding temperatures up to 425°F
  • By Chef's Pride
  • Odor- and bacteria-resistant, and cleans easily in the dishwasher
  • 9" long x 5" wide when folded closed
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