Silky Satin Pillowcase By OakRidge™



Anyone can make their bedroom the lap of luxury with a Silky Satin Pillowcase from Walter Drake. Our satin pillowcases offer the classic luxurious feel of satin at a low price so more people can enjoy their comfort. They're made of woven polyester that's fully breathable so your head stays cool. A zipper closure keeps the cover firmly on your pillow so it doesn't slide off mid-slumber.

The moment your head touches this satin pillowcase, you'll know you're in for a good night's sleep. We offer multiple sizes with several bright colors and a glossy finish that ensure your bed looks good as well as feeling good. The pillowcases are fully machine-washable, so you can clean them in the regular bedding cycle. At Walter Drake, you can afford to get satin pillow covers for every bed in the house. Our unique values on bedroom merchandise have been delighting customers since 1947. 80% polyester/20% nylon with zipper closure. Machine wash. Sold individually. By OakRidge™.

  • 80% polyester/20% nylon
  • Standard size: 20" long x 20" wide
  • Queen size: 30" long x 20" wide
  • Helps tame frizz and reduce breakage by creating less friction
  • Zip closure
  • Machine wash
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