Single-Serve Reusable Coffee Filters, Set of 3



Everyone can make their favorite cup of Joe at a low price when your household has this set of reusable coffee filters. The K-cup brewer is great for convenience in homes where only one person drinks coffee or everyone has a different preferred blend. However, the extra cost of all those single-serve pods can quickly add up — not to mention the extra waste. A DIY reusable coffee pod solves both problems. Just fill it with your favorite grounds or tea leaves, stick it in the single-serve brewer and enjoy the resulting brew. It's really that easy!

Cleaning your reusable K-cup pods is simple, too. The BPA-free plastic and stainless mesh filter are both dishwasher-safe, so you merely have to empty the used ground and toss it in the next load of dishes. Your bank account will be bigger and your home will be more eco-friendly! This set includes three reusable coffee pods that work with most K-cup brewers (except the Keurig 2.0). You'll also receive a coffee scoop for filling them up. Make your morning java with less cost and waste with our low-priced home coffee and tea solution.

  • Single-Server Reusable Coffee Filters, Set of 3
  • Set includes one measuring spoon
  • Compatible with K-cup coffeemakers
  • not compatible with Keurig 2.0
  • Reusable filters measure 1 3/4 high x 2" diameter
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