Snowflake Plaid Vinyl Table Cover by Chef's Pride™


Walter Drake makes decorating for the Christmas season easy with our colorful and affordable selection of holiday table covers. Our Snowflake Plaid Vinyl Table Cover by Chef’s Pride™ is just the thing to instantly brighten up your kitchen or dining room table — it is perfect for dinners and parties throughout the most wonderful time of the year. Each of the red, green and white squares in this snowflake table cover feature a beautiful snowflake design. This drop-style checkered Christmas tablecloth not only looks beautiful, it also protects your table from scratches with a soft polyester fleece backing. Wipe this snowflake vinyl tablecloth clean in a jiffy; spills are quick and easy to take care of, too. This durable snowflake plaid tablecloth is available in both round (70” diameter) and oblong (60” wide x 90” long) options and is a delightful way to add a festive touch to your home. Just add your favorite Christmas table settings and enjoy. Be sure to check out our other holiday tablecloths for effortless decorating that will elevate your dinners, parties and other special occasions.
  • Durable vinyl with a soft and protective polyester fleece backing
  • Patchwork red, green and white design features snowflakes inside squares
  • Finished edging
  • Drop style
  • Exclusive item to Walter Drake
  • Imported
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