Sparkle Dent Denture Whitener



Keep your false teeth shining with a bottle of Sparkle Dent Denture Whitener. This advanced denture cleaning formula removes daily tartar, plaque and calcium deposits. It also takes care of food and drink stains with ease — even those tough coffee or tea spots — to bring back the like-new fresh color. You'll be left with sparkling dentures and a great smile from ear to ear. Sparkle Dent can be used with any full dentures or partials and is safe for soft liners, too.

Cleaning dentures is easy with bleach-free concentrated denture whitener from Walter Drake. Simply brush the dentures to remove food particles, dissolve one capful of Sparkle Dent in a cap of warm water and soak the dentures for at least 15 minutes. This mixture can be used for two weeks before disposal, meaning a single 8-oz. Sparkle Dent denture cleaner bottle will last up to six months. Visit the Q&A section or call us seven days a week to learn more. We've been providing affordable problem solvers and unique values for all ages since 1947!

  • Brings back fresh color and removes tartar
  • Safe for soft liners
  • Concentrated formula
  • 8 oz.
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