Split-Toe Flip Flop Socks, 1 Pair



With a pair of unisex toe socks, your feet will be protected with any footwear. Our split-toe flip-flop socks keep feet warm while enjoying the freedom of flip-flops. These versatile crew socks separate the big toe from the rest so you can wear them with any thong-style sandal or split-toe shoe. They also work just fine with regular shoes and boots. In addition to warmth, another big benefit is that they prevent the big toe from rubbing against the flip-flop or the second toe, keeping feet healthier in all footwear.

Flip-flop toe socks are perfect for staying prepared for any weather during travel — or if you want to keep wearing flip-flops in the fall and winter. They're also good for anyone with swollen feet or injuries that require an open shoe. One size fits most men and women. Walter Drake split-toe socks are made with a cotton/spandex blend that is fully breathable to reduce moisture. Order several pairs of white flip-flop socks at our low prices and keep your feet covered with the right hosiery.

  • Ideal with any thong-style sandal or regular shoes or boots
  • One size fits most men and women
  • Toe socks made with cotton/spandex
  • Machine wash
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