Stable Lap Table



You'll always have a good place to eat, write, play games, check your email and more when you own a stable lap table from Walter Drake. The hard plastic blue surface measures 17" long x 13" wide and includes a cup holder. You'll have plenty of space for a full meal, a deck of cards or even a tablet computer. It stays level thanks to a beanbag bottom that molds to the unique shape of your lap. The design also gives you some flexibility if you're in a bumpy car seat or need to lean over and grab something.

These small portable lap tables are an affordable problem-solver for all ages. Using one makes it easier to relax in living rooms, bedrooms, vehicles and other places where a stand-alone table is harder to reach. There's even a lip to catch crumbs, pencils and trinkets so they don't fall on the floor. Our low prices mean you can buy a beanbag-bottom table for everyone in the family — and a few extras for guests. Visit our Customer Q&A section to learn more about this practical lap table.

  • Lap Table/Lap Tray
  • Features a cupholder, a form-fitting beanbag base and ridged edges to contain spills
  • Provides a level surface for many activities
  • Plastic surface
  • polyester fabric base
  • Surface measures 17" long x 13" wide x 2 1/2" deep
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