Telephone Index Refill Pages



When you need to get a phone number fast, our telephone index refill pages will help you find it. These replacement phone directory pages fit the Walter Drake Old-Fashioned Telephone Index that has been trusted for more than 70 years. The packet contains 18 pages with space for up to 40 phone entries per page. Write down numbers for emergency contacts, family, friends, doctors, stores and anyone else who's important in your life. Alternating white and gray lines help you distinguish phone numbers when you're in a rush. You can also use it for physical addresses, email addresses and other contact information.

The telephone index is a convenient way to locate numbers — and it doesn't require a computer or battery to operate it. Index refill pages are excellent if you move or otherwise have a lot of contact changes. Add the new pages, write down the phone numbers you need and use the sliding button to easily locate whomever you need to call. Walter Drake helps you stay in touch with phone and stationery products that are easy to use. We've offered affordable problem solvers and unique values for all ages since 1947.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Telephone index refill pages
  • Includes 18 pages
  • Can hold up to 40 entries per page
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