Telescoping Ceiling Fan Duster by LivingSURE™



Keep your home's air pure and dust-free with the Telescoping Ceiling Fan Duster by LivingSURE™, an essential tool for any household. This innovative microfiber fan duster is expertly designed to embrace all sides of a fan blade at once, ensuring that dust gets trapped within its fibers instead of being spread around the room.

With this ceiling fan duster in hand, you can eliminate airborne particles and refresh your living space without ever stepping foot on a ladder or stool. The telescopic handle extends from 28 1/2" to an impressive 47 3/4" L, providing ample reach for fans of varying heights while keeping you safely grounded.

But why stop at just fans? This versatile extendable duster also excels at banishing cobwebs from ceiling corners and tackling other hard-to-reach places that are often neglected during routine cleaning sprees.

When it comes time to clean the brush itself, simply remove it from its metal handle; it’s washable by hand thanks to its durable polyester construction. Designed with practicality in mind—the brush boasts a generous 7" W opening tailored specifically for standard fan blades—and when not in use, hang conveniently via the hole situated on the handle end.

Elevate your cleaning arsenal today with our multipurpose telescoping duster—an indispensable ally against dirt high above ground level!

  • Multipurpose Cleaning Gadget: Extendable duster allows you to safely clean ceiling fans, corners and other high places without using ladders or stools.
  • Clear the Air You Breathe: Unlike feather dusters or cotton cloths that move dust from one place to another, this brush features microfiber material and a unique shape, trapping dust, lint, fuzz and cobwebs.
  • Extendable Duster: This telescoping duster will quickly become your favorite cleaning gadget. With an adjustable telescopic handle, from 28 ½” to 47 ¾”, easily dust those tricky hard to reach areas in high places.
  • Washable Brush: We take the hassle out of cleaning with this removable microfiber brush. Eliminate the need to buy new brushes once they get dirty. Instead, simply remove the 7” wide brush from the pole, hand wash and air dry.
  • Easy to Store: The metal handle features a hole for easy hanging in a storage room, garage or basement.
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