Trellis Netting



Grow healthier, larger crops every year by adding a good net to your garden. Nylon trellis netting is used by everyone from casual gardeners to horticulturists for improved crop yields. Hanging it for climbing plants such as beans, peas, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes helps keep them in the air and off the ground. This increases exposure to sunlight and air for better growth while reducing the risk of rotting or pest damage. Fishnet trellis netting is also a good way to divide your garden and maximize space without limiting access come harvest time.

Our heavy-duty trellis garden nets are a quick solution for more bountiful harvests. Simply hang these 5' x 15' net sections using ground stakes and watch your vegetables grow. The 60-pound strength net is strong enough to hold fully developed tomato vine yet can be cut with scissors for a custom fit. When the gardening season is over, simply roll them up for storage until next season. You'll quickly reap the rewards of this functional multi-use garden accessory from Walter Drake that will spur a garden to reach its peak.

  • Made with heavy-duty nylon
  • 5' x 15'
  • 60-lb. strength
  • Keeps produce off the ground to prevent rotting
  • Maximizes garden space and gives climbing plants room to grow
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