Tummy Liners Set of 3


Stay cool, clean and comfortable with our ultra-absorbent tummy liners. Designed to nestle securely between your abdominal folds and absorb excess moisture, these clever liners help maintain the integrity of your skin. Regular use will help reduce uncomfortable rashes, skin tears, embarrassing odors and other painful issues that can occur with excess moisture is allowed to set on the surface of the skin for long periods of time.
If you’ve ever wondered how to keep sweat from your belly creases or how to keep your excess skin or fat rolls dry, look no further. We have the solution to your problem with our set of three abdominal fold pads. Made from 100% cotton, our tummy liners are soft, absorbent and discreet. These machine washable, easy-to-care-for tummy liners are your answer to beat the summertime heat. Available in sizes all the way up to 4XL, you’re certain to find a tummy liner that works well and keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • Increase everyday comfort, reduce chafing and boost skin health
  • 100% cotton absorbent stomach liners
  • Discretely tucks under the abdominal fold
  • Set of 3
  • Machine was
  • Imported
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