Twelve Coffees of Christmas


Indulge someone special with this coffee gift set. This 12 coffees of Christmas set includes rich, delicious sipping gourmet coffees, ground to perfection and ready to brew. Elegant gift box opens like a book, revealing the award winning coffee contents. Each packet brews an entire 10- to 12- cup pot, in any type of coffee maker.
  • Twelve Gourmet Coffee Flavors: Enjoy a curated selection of twelve rich and delicious gourmet coffee flavors, including Breakfast Blend, Butter Pecan, and Dark Chocolate Decadence.
  • Ground to Perfection: Each coffee packet is expertly ground to perfection, ensuring a consistently delightful brewing experience.
  • Elegant Gift Presentation: Delivered in an elegant gift box that opens like a book, this coffee set is beautifully presented and ready for gifting.
  • Versatile Brewing: These coffee packets are designed to brew a full 10- to 12-cup pot, compatible with any type of coffee maker, making them suitable for various brewing preferences.
  • Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers: Whether for the holiday season or any occasion, this coffee gift set is a thoughtful and indulgent present for coffee enthusiasts.
More Details
Breakfast Blend​, Butter Pecan, Caramel Kiss, Christmas Cookie, Cranberry Creme Brulee, Dark Chocolate Decadence, Hazelnut, Holiday Magic Blend, Jamaican Me Crazy, Jingle Java, Turtle Sundae, Vanilla Nut Creme
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