Uncle Sam Metal Yard Stakes, Set of 4 by Fox River Creations™



Have a Yankee-doodle-dandy good time at your next Memorial Day or Fourth of July party celebration with our set of four Uncle Sam Patriotic Metal Garden Stakes! These cleverly designed decorative garden stakes each feature Uncle Sam himself, dressed and ready for the holiday in a red, white and blue tuxedo, a smart top hat and holding the good old American flag. Use these delightful yard and garden décor items to line a walkway, to highlight your landscaping or to brighten up your flower pots.

Our patriotic garden stakes are painted on both sides, and are crafted from durable, all-weather metal that will let your patriotic spirit shine holiday after holiday. Bright red, white and blue accents will make your garden décor pop, and these charming stakes will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Each Uncle Sam yard stake measures 3” wide x 13” high. The flags measure 4 ½” wide x 8” high. This is an exclusive Walter Drake item that’s designed for us by Fox River™ Creations.

Shop these and other patriotic holiday and Fourth of July décor items in our online store and make your holidays more festive, without breaking the bank.

  • 100% metal
  • Set of 4 patriotic Uncle Sam figures holding an American flag
  • Flags are 4 1/2" wide x 8" high each
  • Uncle Sam yard stakes are 3" wide x 13" high, each
  • Uncle Sam yard stakes are exclusively designed by Fox River™ Creations for Miles Kimball
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