Under Shelf Wrap Holder



Transform overlooked areas into practical storage with our kitchen wrap holder! This innovative under-shelf wrap rack effortlessly maximizes unused space, offering a dedicated spot for your boxed kitchen wraps—always within sight and reach. But why stop there? Beyond just securing your aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper, this versatile organizer invites you to rethink how you store everyday items. Imagine conveniently hanging lids right beneath their corresponding containers or neatly tucking away potholders and towels underneath dishware.

Crafted with durability in mind, the white vinyl-coated storage rack boasts dimensions of 13” W x 11 5/8" D x 5" H—ensuring ample room for various storage needs while maintaining a sleek profile that blends seamlessly into any kitchen aesthetic. Designed to accommodate shelves up to 7/8" thick, it promises an easy fit and installation process without requiring tools or permanent alterations.

Whether aiming to declutter countertops or streamline cabinet organization—the kitchen wrap organizer rack emerges as an essential tool in achieving a tidier cooking space. By providing specialized compartments for different wrapping materials alongside alternative uses such as lid or towel storage, this multifunctional kitchen wrap organizer redefines efficiency and aesthetics in modern kitchens.

  • Dimensions - 13" wide x 11 5/8" deep x 5" high
  • Specs - Fits shelves up to 7/8" thick
  • Material - Coated metal wire for long lasting usage
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