Upholstery Locks Set Of 24



Sure, slipcovers, arm covers and doily accents look great, but they are challenging to keep in place. It seems like a daily struggle to keep these upholstery accents on your furniture, wrinkle-free and looking great day in and day out. At Walter Drake, we strive to provide our customers with practical home items that help them achieve their goals, such as keeping their slipcovers, armrest covers, sofa covers, throws and furniture accents in place. That's why we love these clear upholstery twist pins. This set of 24 corkscrew upholstery pins are a great way to fasten and secure those furniture additions and accessories with very little effort. Our customers agree that these upholstery twist pins look and work great!

These affordable upholstery pins from Walter Drake are clear, so they are sure to integrate seamlessly into just about any décor, style or design aesthetic. The corkscrew "twist" design allows you to easily twist these upholstery pins into your furniture, further securing your accessories and protective items so they will stay in place until you decide to remove them to wash or replace. At Walter Drake, we have specialized in the best, most inventive and hard-to-find home items that help improve our customers' lives. Since 1947, we've been providing unique, solutions-based products for home, outdoor and office use.

  • Clear plastic, metal "corkscrew" design
  • Holds arm protectors, furniture covers, throws and doilies in place
  • 5/8" L by 3/8" dia.
  • Set of 24
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