West Bend Quik Serve Toaster


The West Bend Quik Serve Toaster from Walter Drake puts a fresh spin on traditional toasting. This convenient kitchen gadget works with gravity to deliver your toast in a whole new way. Put your bread or bagels into the slot and let the West Bend toaster take care of the rest. Once it's done, the toast smoothly slides out onto the tray on the bottom. You'll never have to reach into a piping hot toaster to pick out your bread again.
The serving tray on the West Bend Quik Serve Toaster removes for easy cleaning and folds up for compact storage. This handy device also has a cool-touch design that wipes clean in seconds and houses the cord for a clutter-free countertop.
  • Unique toaster with a gravity-powered design
  • Drops toasted bread into a sliding tray at the bottom
  • Helps you avoid finger burns
  • Features an extra-wide slot for thick toast
  • Includes six settings for custom doneness
  • Removable serving tray for easy cleaning
  • Stores compactly by folding up
  • Wipes clean in seconds
  • Houses the cord
  • Cool-touch design
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