White Arched Garden Trellis


Our white Arch Trellis is sure to be a favorite addition to your outdoor space! Create a garden archway or tuck it into a corner. It supports climbing plants and flowers. This easy-to-assemble garden arbor has a weather resistant, white enamel finish is made from 8mm gauge steel. This garden arch is just one of the many items at Walter Drake for outdoor garden décor — and more!
  • 7’ 10” high x 14” deep x 55” wide
  • 8mm gauge steel
  • Some easy assembly is required
  • White enamel finish
  • A green trellis is also available in this style
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Visit Walter Drake to buy our green Arched Garden Trellis! Give your climbing flowers and trailing vines a place to grow with an affordable metal trellis arch.
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