White Rose Lace Tablecloth



Add sophistication to your table by setting it with a surprisingly affordable lace tablecloth. This White Rose Lace Tablecloth is a decorator's dream. It's made of machine-washable polyester using such care that guests will think handmade lace is gracing your table. The delicate rose pattern and lovely scalloped edge of this lace tablecloth is a sophisticated way to decorate your dining room. It drapes beautifully over any surface and pairs especially well with dark wood tables.

A Walter Drake polyester white lace tablecloth is an elegant drop-style cover for holidays, events and celebrations. Change the look and give your table maximum protection by using a colored liner underneath. We sell both oblong and round lace tablecloths in several sizes to fit your indoor dining area. Order it for yourself or surprise family members and hostess friends with a luxurious gift. Walter Drake is here whenever you need functional merchandise that will inspire and delight on a budget.

  • Crafted from polyester
  • Covers a tired tabletop
  • White lace
  • Rose pattern
  • Round and oblong sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Imported
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