Clean up stray grass tufts and clippings in your yard with this manual rolling trimmer that's easy on your lawn and you. Each trimmer has two durable wheels surrounding 8" metal shears with sharp blades for snipping around trees, gardens, driveways, fire pits and more. Use the 41" long angled handles to wheel your rolling grass trimmer around the yard, then press the handgrips together to slice through grass, weeds and small branches. You never had to bend, kneel or squat to get a great-looking landscape.

With our rolling trimmer and edger, you can tidy up the lawn so it looks neat and gorgeous while never worrying about a sore back, hips or knees. A hand grass trimmer is also good to own if you live on a crowded street. Since there's no loud engine, you'll be able to trim and edge anywhere without scaring kids and pets. Basic assembly is required for this unique trimmer that makes your greens-keeping easier regardless of your current skill level. Order it for your home or give a gardening friend a practical gift from our one-stop lawn care shop.

  • Rolls on two durable wheels
  • 41" L handles
  • Soft foam hand grips
  • Durable metal 8" L blades
  • Easy assembly required
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