Personalized Cat Stamper



Sending bulk mail and thank-you notes will be fun instead of claw-ful when you own a personalized cat address stamper. This custom self-inking letter stamper features your return address wrapped around a cute image of your feline friend. You'll love being able to quickly stamp an address over and over knowing it will be accurate every time. Just specify your name and address when you order and we'll add it to this plastic and rubber stamp. There's room for three lines at 25 characters per line to fit all the important information.

Use your feline address stamper to mail holiday cards and party invitations without spending hours writing the same info over and over with a weary hand. They're also purr-fect for pet stores that are sending out bills, newsletters and promotional flyers or want a cute letterhead. The inking mechanism immediately reloads from the self-contained ink pad for hundreds of stamps. It comes in a choice of five colors for an even more personalized look. Get this cost-effective return address solution right meow at a great price from Walter Drake.

  • Plastic and rubber
  • Self-inking spring mechanism automatically reloads
  • Self-contained ink pad
  • Stamp measures 2 3/4" high
  • Round impression area measures 1 1/2" diameter
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