Personalized Initial Stamper



If you send a lot of letters or cards, constantly writing your return address can be a real hassle. Our Self-Inking Initial Address Stampers are a quick, simple and professional way to add your return address to any paper or stationery product. It features a monogram-style center initial with a fancy curled border. Your three-line mailing address surrounds the border in a neat circle. The stamper has a self-contained ink pad and a spring mechanism that reloads fast between each press. Up to 25 letters, numbers and spaces can be specified for each address line before checkout.

A personalized return address monogram stamper has many personal, family and business uses. It's a convenient and error-free way to stamp self-addressed envelopes, holiday cards, forms, letterheads, bills and much more. With a sturdy base and compact 1 1/2" impression area, this round self-inking address stamper gets results. Order it for your household or give to family and friends in celebration of a new home. Our affordable problem solvers and unique values make it easy to get anything in the mail.

  • Plastic and rubber
  • Self-inking spring mechanism automatically reloads
  • Self-contained ink pad
  • Stamp measures 2 3/4" high
  • Round impression area measures 1 1/2" diameter
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